Central East Tokyo 2023

Flower garden at Kurakakebashi Bridge

Flower fields are on both sides of the road near Kurakakebashi,
at the second traffic light from the Bakurocho intersection.

For the past 10 years, residents have been planting flowers little by little in the area
that is open to the public and used as a water storage area for fire departments. Before you know it, it has become a small scenic spot where the plants change spectacularly as the seasons change.

I had a studio right next to here, so I know the residents well thanks to my interactions with the community.
The founder was an old man in his 80s. The old man had loved flowers since childhood, and in this area full of buildings,
"it's lonely with no plants," he visited Kaito with office workers passing by, people from the countryside who came to Kaito to shop, and others.
He started by planting tiny seedlings in the hope that the children would stop and take a look.

However, this is not your grandfather's land. This is ward land.
The old man went to the ward officials many times to negotiate, and with the promise that he would take good care of the plants,
they provided him with seedlings, and he was able to create a flower garden there.
In other words, it was amazing that the residents' feelings in the city were used and officially recognized as public land.

This flower garden was born and continues to be created by such "Hanasaka Grandpas".
If you will see the Biennale or CET, please come and take a picture here as a souvenir.

I decided to use this place as a "photo spot" to introduce my work to everyone.

Photographer Masanori Ikeda

23.Oct.2023 - Indefinite period
Shooting is possible at all times.

Masanori Ikeda
Photographer. Began presenting work at “dragged out studio,” ran by Ikeda since 1999. In 2003, he began creating and presenting the portrait series, “Weekend Photo Studio”. Ikeda founded YUKAI Co., Ltd. in 2006, and began activities as a creative director and film director. In 2010, he reestablished “dragged out studio” in Bakurocho as an alternative space. In 2021, the studio moved to the Kanda Port Building, where Ikeda also serves as creative director. He is also involved in social experiments for city planning and community development in Kanda, as well as directing the "Open Kanda" website for local information. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Japan and overseas. In addition to pursuing activities as the art unit “Ikeda Midori” with artist Midori Mitamura, he is a member of the Finland Sauna Club while also assuming various roles such as sauna spa professional manager, “Sharing Nature” instructor, water plant landscaper, and ambassador for Kamifurano Town in Hokkaido. Major publications include catalog SAUNA (Yukai Publishing), Akarui Butsu Dori [Taking bright still life photography] (BNN, Inc.), and INASE NA TOKYO (command N). He has exhibited work in “Masanori Ikeda Exhibition: SUN” (Spiral Garden, Tokyo, 2017), “Masanori Ikeda Portrait Project 2012-2018: INASE NA TOKYO” (3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Main Gallery, Tokyo, 2018), among others.

Kurakakebashi crossing, 21,Nihonbashi Kodenma-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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