Central East Tokyo 2023

CET Directors' TALK 2023 #1

Pre-registration event

Naoki Sato, Masataka Baba, Masayoshi TAKEUCHI, Maha HARADA

CET (Central East Tokyo), a movement that began in 2003, is a movement that finds new value by intertwining "places" and "art" that have no place to go in the city. This year, 20 years after its start, the founders/directors who ignited Whirlpool gather to discuss "CET."

This event only requires participation at the venue on the day. (No live streaming)



Naoki Sato
Born 1961 in Tokyo. After graduating from Hokkaido University of Education, Sato studied sociology of education and sociolinguistics at Shinshu University. He then completed painting courses by Mokuma Kikuhata at Bigakko. In 1998, he founded the company Asyl Design (current name: Asyl). Sato produced the local project “Central East Tokyo” during 2003–2010. In 2010, he was involved in the founding of the art center, 3331 Arts Chiyoda. From his participation in the local art festival, Trans Arts Tokyo, he began to shift his focus on creating drawings. He has received numerous awards in Japan and overseas including his work becoming part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Permanent Collection. Professor at Tama Art University.

Masataka Baba
1968 Born in Saga Prefecture / 1994 Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Architecture, joined Hakuhodo / 1998 Waseda University doctoral course, editor-in-chief of magazine "A" / 2003 Established OpenA. He does architectural design, urban planning, and writing. Started "Tokyo R Real Estate" at the same time / 2008-Associate Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design / 2015 Launched public space matching business "Public R Real Estate" / 2016-Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design.

Masayoshi TAKEUCHI
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1962. Co-representative of MIKAN. Architect. Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design. CEO of Energy Town Development Company. Urban management school eco-town specialized course. His writings focus on energy and architecture. His books include "Illustrated Eco-House," "New Home Building Textbook" and "Nuclear Power Plants and Architects."

b. 1962 Tokyo, Japan
Based between Tokyo, Paris, Kyoto, and Nagano, Maha Harada is a creative visionary and exceptional storyteller who has produced world-class, category-defying writing.
Harada is one of the founding curators of Tokyo’s acclaimed Mori Art Museum; when it was established, she was sent to represent the Museum as a project researcher at its principal cultural partner, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. It is for this reason that Maha Harada is renowned as Japan’s leading creator of art novels and art entertainment.
She is among Japan’s most talked-about writers and creatives, and her extraordinary experiences give her an unparalleled ability to blend art and literature. Harada’s art novels journey into the past to breathe fresh life into some of the world’s most beloved artists, who still enchant countless people today. These stories transcend time and generation crossing the boundaries of nation and region. At the same time, they are rooted in the experiences of a woman born and raised in Japan.

In 2005, he started working as a design unit called "gift_" in Ebisu, Tokyo and opened a gallery shop called gift_lab as a laboratory and a small place for cultural exchange.
Toshikazu Goto designs space and furniture, and Fumiko Ikeda handles project curation and styling.
Since the early 2000s, he has actively participated in projects such as TDB (Tokyo Designers Block), CET (Central East Tokyo), DesignTide Tokyo, etc., simultaneously transforming the city's gaps into galleries.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he started "Yamanoya" in the Echigo-Tsumari area (Tokamachi City, Niigata). Three years later, he also moved his base in Tokyo to Kiyosumi Shirakawa and is currently practicing a double local life in these two bases.

Yoshiyuki Shimizu
He was graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design. From 2003 to 2010, she was in charge of the secretariat for the art event "Central East Tokyo," which uses the city as an exhibition venue. he has experience in copywriting, casting, location coordination, event management, etc., focusing on promotion planning for automobile manufacturers in the advertising industry, mainly on the Web and TV commercials. He is currently working as a videographer specializing in cars.
He founded the automobile film festival "International Auto Film Festa." He is a part-time lecturer at Kyoto University of Arts.

1-2-10, Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Taigaku bldg. #102

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