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The cardboard used in Bakurocho is painted with acrylic paint and reinforced with transparent tape.
I want to create a different day for the people and children working in Bakurocho.
Instead of using the same plain cardboard, I want to create a piece that will create memories for those who use it and those who see it, such as "This is a new picture," "I used this the day before yesterday," or "My cardboard has a picture drawn on it."
As a business in Bakurocho flourishes and time passes, the cardboard is reinforced with tape, and the picture gradually disappears.
Rather than leaving the work as a thing, leave it in people's memories.

2023.Oct.23 - 2023.Nov.05

Soichiro Kanai
Born in Tokyo in 1999.
Using beeswax and soil, he draws shapes by connecting and separating lines made by randomly moving brushes.
From age 15, she studied abroad in Serbia and Spain for three years to become a professional tennis player. However, she developed a tic disorder due to excessive exercise. As part of her therapy, he started abstract painting and was shocked by racism and the gap between rich and poor during his study abroad. At the same time, she was influenced by Neo-Dada and New Painting, and she studied contemporary art history on her own.

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