Ship tour on the river.

Pre-registration event

Talk show style ship tour
Director: Tadashi Iwamoto

The tour invites guests every time and enjoys a talk show while touring the river by boat.
We are planning on going about three times.

coming soon...

*We are preparing the application site. Please wait for a while until the opening.

Tadashi Iwamoto
Architect. First-class architect. In addition to serving as the director of the Mizubering Project of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, he is engaged in activities to create the appeal of waterfronts across the country. He is involved in using waterfronts such as Wakayama City, Sumida Ward, railway operators' development projects, and area management organizations. Consultation, etc. He is the co-founder of "Mizubeso," a membership organization for making full use of Yokohama's waterfront. Received Tokyo Architects Association Future Architect Award (2017), Machinaka Hiroba Award Encouragement Award (2017), Good Design Award Gold Award (Mizubering, 2018)

Address: now location scouting...

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